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Our fate, and that of our oceans, is intertwined. They are in decline and without change, we’ll follow them into the abyss.
We believe data is at the core of the problem, and that is why we are working to change that.
Aquallite’s subsea data integration software system works alongside Geospatial Analysts, to build highly accurate, engineering-grade models using big data analytics – rather than relying solely on human-judgement.

Putting the needs of our oceans first

Aquallite Data Ltd. emerged from a passion for the oceans, a belief in the value of data-driven decisions, and a determination to make a positive contribution to our planet. 4 out the 5 team members worked together during Blue Prism's hyper-growth phase; & Rob continues to lead the exceptional growth of Fishtek Marine Ltd. having joined in its early inception. Collectively, the team has extensive experience founding, growing, and exiting start-ups.

Neil McEwan

Gareth Houghton

Dave Moss

Rob Enever

Neil Wright

Seeking partnerships

Aquallite recently completed The University of Edinburgh’s Venture Builder Incubator programme, sponsored by Barclays Eagle Labs. Our first formal partnership.To fulfil our ambition, we need to form many more partnerships. Our current focus is on investors and potential customers. If you are interested, we’d love to hear from you.

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